• Loxx - Tenax Fastener Screw 1/2" (Nickel Plated)
Tenax Fastener Screw Stud
1/2" screw length
Nickel Plated Brass
To fasten, just press the button onto the stud with one hand. To release, simply pull it. LOXX - Tenax fastener withstands extreme forces and defies all kinds of weather. It’s made to be tear-proof, watertight, corrosion-resistant and, naturally, very long-lasting.
Note: ORIGINALLY Marked with "GHE Tenax" and N0. 33 on locking washer. These marks have been dropped by the manufacturer. The top portion now is marked only Loxx with an Made in Germany on the locking washer.
Brass / Nickel Plated

Loxx - Tenax Fastener Screw 1/2" (Nickel Plated)

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